Starting a technical support trouble ticket

Before you start a technical support trouble ticket, be sure you have checked the NetNation Help Center at for a possible solution. If you cannot find the answer to your problem, you should then start a trouble ticket.

If it has been less than 72 hours since you signed up with NetNation and you are having problems accessing your account, make sure you are using the temporary URL you were given rather than the domain name.

Make sure you provide detailed information regarding your problem. For example, if you are receiving an error, make a note of the exact error message. If you are having problems with a specific page in your site, be sure you have the full path to that page.

To start a technical support trouble ticket:

  1. In AccountManager, click Support.
  2. Click the Start Trouble Ticket link. The Support Trouble Ticket Submission page appears.
  3. The domain name you are currently managing displays by default. If you are entering a ticket for another domain, enter the domain name.
  4. In the Type of Problem field, click the down arrow to select the type of problem you are having.
  5. In the Details box, type a detailed description of your problem. Include any error messages, page names or other pertinent details.

    Be as detailed as possible when describing the problem. NetNation prides itself on our technical support, but we must have the necessary details in order to resolve your issue quickly.

  6. Click Submit.