Using Cart32 software (for Windows® 2000 plans)

NetNation's Windows 2000 Ecommerce hosting plans come with Cart32 Shopping Cart System, a Web-based online store development and management tool. Cart32 includes several different components that you can use to build and manage your online store.

Store Builder
NetNation's browser-based application that enables you to quickly build your online store without writing any HTML. Even if you have never built an online store before or do not know HTML, you can have your store up and running in just a few minutes. You can use the predefined store templates, or modify them to better suit your needs.
HTML Generation Tool
The Web-based tool that enables you to quickly and easily add items to your store. Simply complete the online form and provide the product information, and this tool automatically generates the necessary HTML code, which you can then copy and paste into your Web pages. This is a simplified version of the Form Wizard.
Form Wizard
An optional, downloadable application that enables you to quickly and easily generate the HTML code necessary to implement the Add Item to Cart, View Cart, Empty Cart and Log In functionalities in your store.
Web Administration Tool
The Web-based administration tool that provides you with the controls you need to administer your store. Use Cart32 to perform administrative tasks such as specifying your contact information, setting up billing, payment and shipping methods, selecting order processing options and configuring your store for real-time, online transactions.

You can access Cart32 components by logging in to AccountManager and selecting Ecommerce. The NetNation Windows 2000 Platform Manual includes detailed instructions on working with Cart32, including:

You can find this manual in NetNation's Help Center at