Using Miva Merchant software (for UNIX plans)

All UNIX ecommerce packages include Miva Merchant software. Miva Merchant is a Web-based online store development and management tool that enables you to build and manage your online store from any location as long as you have a browser and Internet access. Miva Merchant uses Wizards to walk you through the steps for building your store. It also provides a wide array of tools that provide you greater flexibility and enable you to customize your store.

AccountManager's Ecommerce Manager enables you to launch the Miva Merchant software, which has been integrated into AccountManager for your convenience.

The Ecommerce Manager provides two separate controls for access to Miva Merchant:

When you click either of these buttons, the Miva Merchant Simple Administration module appears.

This module walks you through the steps for building your store. Once you have built your store you can use the Advanced Administration module to manage and maintain your store.

The full set of Miva Merchant documentation can be viewed online or downloaded at

The NetNation UNIX Platform Manual contains additional information that may be useful as you create and manage your online store. You can find this manual in NetNation's Help Center at