Registering domain names

Once you have decided on a domain name and have checked that it is available, you should register it. NetNation can register your domain name for you.

U.S. domain names

For U.S. domain names (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz), we will register your domain name immediately after you submit your order. The registration process is typically completed within 24 hours. The propagation process normally requires 48 to 72 hours.

International domain names

Although NetNation welcomes and currently hosts many international domains, we do not register international domains. Although the process may vary slightly from country to country, there are several basic steps you should take to register an international domain name.

First, check with the appropriate domain registration agency to verify that your new domain name is available. Second, check to see whether the domain registration agency for your country requires an account to be created on NetNation's servers before they will proceed with the domain registration procedure. If so, submit your order to NetNation before requesting the registration of your domain name. We will then email to you important information about your account, including your Web address (IP address) and information about nameservers and their Internet addresses. This is the information typically required by your country's domain registration agency to register the domain.

You should wait 48 to 72 hours between receipt of your order confirmation from NetNation and submission of your domain registration request in order to allow time for the nameserver information to propagate.

Registering a domain name within AccountManager

If you have signed up for a hosting account but have not yet registered your domain name, or if you want to register a new domain name, you can do so from within AccountManager.

When you register a domain name in AccountManager, you will be asked to supply four sets of contact information, account owner, admin, technical and billing. In many cases, all four sets of information are the same. The admin contact information is required by InterNIC, the domain name registration governing authority. It's helpful to be able to specify different contact information, as the person handling your site's technical issues may not be the same as the person handling your billing.

To register your name from within AccountManager:

  1. In AccountManager, click Domain Name. The Domain Name Management page appears.
  2. Click Register a New Domain Name.
  3. Enter the domain name that you want to register. Make sure to include the extension (for example, .com or .net) but do not include the "www" prefix.
  4. Enter your contact information.
  5. Click Submit.