Creating an autoresponder

An autoresponder is an email account that automatically replies to all incoming email messages with a predefined message. Autoresponders are particularly useful when you want to send a confirmation that a message has been received. For example, you could set up an autoresponder email address that your visitors use to request information about your company. Each time an email comes in to this address, it would automatically reply with the information you specified.

Autoresponders can only contain text and do not support attachments.

To create an autoresponder:

  1. In the AccountManager main window, click Email. The Email Management main page appears.
  2. In the Email Address box, click the Create a New Email Address link. The Create Email Address page appears.
  3. In the New Email Address field, enter the new email address.
  4. Select the Auto Responder action and then click Add Action. The Create Autoresponder page appears.
  5. You can specify the text for the autoresponse in one of two ways:

    Upload a text file. Click Browse and then navigate to the file whose text you want to use.
    Type the text. Enter the desired text in the text box.
  6. Click Submit. The Email Address Modification page appears.
  7. Specify an action for this email address. For detailed descriptions of each of these actions, see Creating and managing email addresses.
  8. Click Add Action.