Changing your hosting plan

Although you can change your hosting plan at any time, some plan changes require a complete reinstall of your Web site and all of its files, including databases, scripts, ecommerce files and other account features.

This means that you must back up all of your files before you request a plan change. Once your plan change has been completed, you will need to republish your site, recreate your user accounts and email addresses and resubmit requests for additional features.

This applies to the following types of plan changes:

- Changes from UNIX to Window 2000 Plans

- Changes from Value Plan/Value Plus Plan to Gold Plan

- Changes from Commerce Gold Plan to any other Commerce Plan

- Downgrades to Value Plus Plan

Make sure that you have backed up of all your files and email before making any of the plan changes indicated above.

You may experience a six to eight hour downtime while your change is processed.

To change your current hosting plan:

  1. In AccountManager, click Plan Info.
  2. Click the Change link to the right of your Plan Name. The Change Plan page appears.
  3. Click the down arrow to select from the list of available plans. Be sure to review the pricing information and other important information that displays.

    Click one of the links along the bottom of this page to learn more about the different types of hosting plans.

  4. If you have backed up your files (if applicable) and are sure of your selection, click Change Plan.